Winding Cypress has lots of space.

Collier county is the largest county in Florida, consisting of 1.5 million acres. 70% of this is preserve with only 25% zoned for building. The population is around 365,000 according to recent data from Collier planning, with an additional 75,000 resident and visitors during peak season. 

However, even though this is only half the population of adjoining Lee County, some communities can still feel a little cramped with very little space in the community and between homes.

So, using Collier County data on the number of residential units per community size in acres, here's a little comparison of a few new construction non-golf communities being built in the South Naples area.   

  • Winding Cypress
    • 1,928 Acres.    733 Planned homes. = 2.63 Acres for each home built
  • Isles of Collier Reserve.
    • 2,416 Acres. 1,610 Planned homes. = 1.5 Acres for each home built
  • Hacienda Lakes.
    • 2,262 Acres. 1,679 Planned homes = 1.3 Acres for each home built
  • Naples Reserve.
    •    688 Acres. 1,140 Planned homes = 0.6 Acres for each home built

So, even though typically the distance between homes sites are around the same irrespective of the community, and the lots are set for the home size being built on them, you can see from above that the Winding Cypress community has more space and designated preserve area than the other competing communities on the list above. Of course, that's not to say the other communities are not nice or peaceful because the builders are going to great lengths to make all these resort style communities appealing to all and there are many other factors to consider than homes per acre when buying a home. But if space and natural preserves is important you, then take a look at Winding Cypress, you might be pleasantly surprised.